Monday, November 10, 2008

October 2008 Digger Mountain Anagama Firing

We fired Jay Widmer's Digger Mountain anagama kiln near Alsea, Oregon, October 24-26, 2008 and opened and unloaded the kiln Octover 31. This was another really nice firing from this kiln. We emphasized side-stoking the kiln with more wood than usual using more maple and wet alder in both the side-stokes and front stokes than in past firings. The result was more ash and color throughout the kiln and much more ash and color behind the stoke alley. There also appeared to be much more irridescence on the pots. Due to the more aggressive side-stoking we stalled the kiln near the end of the firing by blocking the mouse ports for the side-stoke alley. Once we cleared those the kiln took off. As a consequence we fired a little longer than usual to make sure we held the kiln at a high enough temperature at the end of the firing -- it was well worth it when opened the kiln and unloaded one beautiful piece after another! See my website at to see more pictures of the firing. Once I get some pictures taken of the individual pots I'll post them on my website.

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